02 August 2006

a meme from russ

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Well, not very much news, but I just feel like posting something a little more upbeat than what I did yesterday. I didn't mean to be a downer, and didn't mean to imply...well, you know. I've actually been in fairly good spirits. My back is slowly getting there. If I caved in and took some meds, I'd be there. I think last night my brain was just soaking in some good music off of my Musicmatch playlist, and I got to wanting to post, and...well, I did.

But anyhow, I got a call from a person from here, just touching base with me, making sure I still wanted to volunteer for them. She was the girl that led my orientation down at the hospital in Bellevue. She asked me a few questions about my computer skills, and I was honest that last time I did data entry, I had at my disposal an early '80's DOS-only computer. So, for instance, I couldn't remember my experience with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are neat things, but I have never mastered the computing commands you use with them. Ah well, whatever I do, there'll be some minor training, anyhow. Nice to know they'll almost certainly need me in two weeks or so.

So, with that piece of news out of the way, it's meme time, thanks to Russ!

Answer these questions.

The Tuesday Wacky 5

1.) If you had the choice to have toast with butter or toast with cheese, which would you choose and why?

Well, toast with cheese. It's not sticky, and with Cracker Barrel extra sharp, it is mighty fine. My mother used to make them, but called them cheese sandwiches, not cheese toast. I think the latter is more appropriate.

2.) Would you wear a snow suit in the summer?

No. Frankly, not even in winter, as with the way I walk, I build up tons of upper body heat. I cannot wait for late fall!

3.) What is your favorite, worst song?

Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of by Carly Simon. I heard this in a Jack In The Box one time and became ill. But I will say that there are tons of dishonorable mentions.

4.) What brings you to this blog?

Well, no one else keeps nearly as good a schedule of fake new moons. *waits eagerly for Yugo Moon*

5.) If you could have a snack with one famous person, what would be the snack? And the person?

Sarah Vowell and I would be mackin' on lime or cherry fruit-on-bottom yoghurt topped with grape nuts, my latest food find. If her dietary restrictions from celiac disease prevented that, then she would be replaced by Jenna Fischer.

OMIGOD! IT'S THURSDAY, PEOPLE! THE OFFICE IS ON TONIGHT! If I had time, I'd seriously link to all the local NBC affiliates of all the kind folks who patronize my blog (assuming I know where you live). But hell, it's NBC. Everybody has NBC.

By the way, I'm not tagging anybody because Russ just tagged the entire population of the state of Delaware.

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Blogger Laura said...

It's not Thursday!!!! Stop freaking me out.

2/8/06 19:26  
Blogger Cory said...

Oh, every day's Thursday at C But No E!!! Happy Third Thursday Of The Week!

2/8/06 19:51  
Anonymous russ said...

Those new moons are not fake yo!

3/8/06 12:21  
Blogger Cory said...

Oh, I know, man. I know. And when the Yugo moon is done with, the next on the schedule, methinks, is the cheese moon. Or is it the other way around? I always forget.

3/8/06 22:24  

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