01 August 2006

morbid point of curiosity (funeral services revisited)

OK, a while back, Russ and I, along with a few others, posted wishes related to our funerals. It made for an interesting subject, one that concurrently breeds in me despair and excitement. Most of us do not unequivocally look forward to our deaths, but a funeral is an excellent way of putting the exclamation point at the end of the sentence of your life. It's a good way of making a lasting impact.

Along this line of thought, I downloaded "Atmosphere", by Joy Division. I looped it for a good half hour, so pretty soon, I'll likely be burnt out on it. Really pretty song, but when looking at the lyrics, I'm not sure I really understood them. I remember last time I posted, I wanted the Waterboys song "Whole of the Moon" as the departing music. To me, it is profoundly upbeat, and the Joy Division song isn't. However, I've never really looked at the "Whole of the Moon" lyrics, either.
I just like the tune. And I like the tune of "Atmosphere", the Joy Division song.

I'm really starting to ramble. I've got good music going (Tegan and Sara's "Fix You Up" right now), I'm YIMming a friend, and I'm trying to put down thoughts that were very vivid and sequential when they popped into my mind, but are no longer so. Grrrr. I hate getting distracted when I have something good to write.

Anyhow, I suppose I can get to the point, now. I tend not to listen to lyrics, myself. I tend to just zone into the tune. That's what I did with the Waterboys song, and that's what I did with the Joy Division song. Both, to me, are good for a heavenly sendoff, despite being drastically different tunes. The lyrics? I don't know. I can't make sense of either song. Although I do hear others say how depressing Joy Division is.

So, when choosing your funeral music, were you looking at lyrics or melodies? Divulge.


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