29 March 2006


I guess I'm it. At least Russ sayeth so.

So, ummm...here we be:

Accent: People have trouble pegging down my accent. I am a native San Diegan, now living in Pittsburgh's suburbs. I have also lived in Vermont, North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. I suspect Vermont and North Carolina have a lot to do with how I speak, as well as my native San Diego, and my present home, 'da Burgh. I was recently told by a movie usher that I have a Philadelphia accent. Umm....thanks?

Booze of Choice: I can't drink due to (this is embarrassing, but...) "plumbing issues" related to my disability. I do like Budweiser and Guiness, though. I'm a beer schizoid.

Chores I Hate: Dusting. And cleaning my room.

Dog or Cat: Cats. I grew up with them (Spot and Soleil, d. 2005?)

Essential Electronics: The net. The TV (with cable, of course).

Favorite Cologne: I don't do cologne. My mother has MCS, and, well...I just don't find a need for it.

Gold or Silver: Ummmmm...my father has a silver Acura, which is pretty nifty.

Hometown: Born in San Diego, raised there and near Tampa, and Phoenix (boarding school), went to college in Vermont, lived in North Carolina, went to Sacramento State for more school, now I'm a yinzer.

Insomnia: Yeah, a fair amount, but my new bed just rawks!

Job Title(s): none

Kids: No! I like my sanity.

Living Arrangements: I am single, with a male roommate, in an apartment.

Most Admired Trait: My "courage in overcoming blah blah blah." *sneers* But as far as meaningful compliments that an able body would get, too, I just know lots of stuff, dude!

Overnight Hospital Stays: At least 16, one per major surgery I've had. Mainly on my legs and my cerebral shunt.

Phobia(s): Elevators, heights, being alone at a height.

Quote: Be what you're like. Be like yourself. – They Might Be Giants.

EDITED: Religion: Brought up in the Unitarian Universalist Church. Something at a General Assembly (Spokane? lovely buildings) kinda freaked me out in 1998, and now I declare myself a very hard core atheist, thanks largely to good ol' Anne Foyer, who made the idea all the more tangible to me. (I need to blog about that.)

Siblings: None.

Time(s) I Wake Up: completely depends. I do love my sleep, though.

Unusual Talent/Skill: Not sure.

Veggies I Refuse to Eat: Are mushrooms a veggie? Baby corn, for sure.

Worst Habit: procrastination.

Yummiest Food I Make: I nuke a mean quesadilla.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (12 Dec 1975)

Now who to tag back? Don't know yet. I'll get back to yinz. Better yet, who wants to be tagged?


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