24 May 2006

From Pimlico to...NBC sitcoms?

OK, well, we've all probably read the horrible story on the horse that broke down during a Triple Crown race recently. Thanks be to Russ for enlightening the likes of me. I had been previously unaware of the incident, as I am with all equine matters. I think I agree with him that the horse should have been put down. I saw a foreign film that was in Japanese or Korean or some such language. In it, there were scenes dealing with velodrome bike racing, which is apparently something you can bet on, much like we bet on horse races. I love the mathematics of betting, but seeing the horse in such dire straits is rather nauseating. I think maybe I'd have less sympathy for a human, who was out there because he wanted to be.

Speaking of jockeys, there's a great sitcom on TV nowadays called The Office. What's better, they inject all sorts of Scranton local references, such as the Steamtown Mall and Rock 107. Somewhat meaningless to me, as I live in southwest PA. However, I do get a kick out of shows with a local flavor, kind of like Drew Carey's old show, which I could identify with, since I have family near Cleveland. But the best part of it all? I picked up a new phrase: cubicle jockey. I am determined to seek out ways to inject this humurous phrase into my daily speech.

Also, I got some speakers today, but haven't put them in. A shack jockey (ha ha!) clued me in to how, so I should be good to go tomorrow. I forgot to get a camera at the store, so I can't shoot a photo of them (or a better one of myself, which I've wanted to do for a while, because I feel like such a stranger to y'all). I will on, maybe, Friday, though. At that point, I might try and get a shot of my room and my apartment, but I need to study up on light, because that may be hard to do with a disposable camera. Anybody have experience with disposables?

Anyhow, tah tah.



Blogger Rae said...

I LOVE the Office. That's my life, made for TV. I swear they have a hidden camera somewhere on me.

27/5/06 00:20  
Blogger Cory said...

But no blue light. :( Ahhh, but actually, on their website, they have a thing where you can email in a pic of you in your cubicle, doing whatever. You gotta get someone to take a pic of you standing in anticipation of the activation of the blue bust-a-freaky-move light.


27/5/06 01:08  

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