22 May 2006

The shark has jumped itself.

I was bouncing around the web as I often do earlier tonight. I decided to check out Jump the Shark, the site that tries to pinpoint the downfall of various cancelled TV shows. So, I was on this page and came to the odd realization that Jump the Shark has itself jumped said shark. Was Soleil Moon Frye a porn star at age 12?! I wouldn't have thought that legal, but one of the reasons submitted for the demise of the show was "Punky [doing] porn." Hmmmm. I was pretty obsessed with the show, but don't recall her porn career, whatever its magnitude, as part of her career on NBC. I will say that Jump is a neat idea, but needs better regulation of outside input.

In other news, as I came back from a job application at the Wal-Mart in Cranberry Township, for some odd reason I had "Come Sail Away", by Styx, stuck in my head. I suppose that band is a guilty pleasure. Sometimes Styx (and Rush, for that matter) irritates the living daylights out of me, and sometimes I get rather geeked at hearing their music, which I get on VH1 Classic. Regardless, it annoys me when something like that gets inside me for several hours at a time.

I am freaking tired right now, people! However, I realize that I will wake up at about 3:30 EDT if I go to bed now, and I hate that sort of thing.

21 JUMP STREET!!!! *dances away from the computer*


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