04 June 2006

Cramptastic, man!

That is how I am right now. I went to a movie today, Break Up, with Jennifer Anniston. Neat movie, albeit somewhat predictable. I'm not a huge Anniston fan, but evidently many are. That was the first movie I've seen all year that was half-way packed. I'm not sure if that's because I'm bad at picking popular movies, or I wait a long time to see them. Truth is, I never pay attention to when a movie comes out, which may be why I wound up missing Akeelah. Ahh, well.

I forget the moment, but Vince Vaughn mentioned Ann Arbor, which is funny because when I was in Ann Arbor, I ran into a guy that looked and sounded a lot like him. It was when I was downtown looking for the bus stop on the day I was supposed to come home. (Geez! I never wrapped up that story, did I?)

Before the movie, I had some time to kill, so I indulged this pregnant urge for vanilla ice cream. I got a double cup from a guy who didn't speak good English. I asked if he had cups, and he just gestured to the cones, so I picked a normal cone, and then he asked if I preferred a cup, and in a confused manner I said yes, and to make it a double, not a single, instead. He got annoyed.

I got crampy. I am still crampy. You can take your twos and make four. See you next time.


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