04 June 2006

Vanilla ice cream! Now!

This afternoon, I am going to see the new Vince Vaughn movie over at Northway Mall (when the heck did they start calling it the Shoppes at Northway?! It's in bloody Ross Township. There is no Northway, PA, that I'm aware of. Oh well.) I'm not big on Jennifer Anniston, but I've seen a lot of Vince lately, and even though he has a somewhat macho way of speaking, I do like him. He seems very approachable. Off topic a bit, I thought I saw him in Ann Arbor.

Maybe when I'm at Northway Dollar I can get a pint of vanilla ice cream. Partially thawed. I've been really craving that the past few days. I have no clue why. I've been completely insane about it. I'm embarrassed.

What else? No soccer this weekend on TV. I will probably watch a little of the IRL race tomorrow. I'll be late coming home for it from the movie.

Speaking of soccer, the World Cupstarts in a few days. Should be good. I haven't meditated over all the pools yet (and I might not), but the predictions that Brazil will win seem fair to me. The U.S. didn't look so hot over Latvia the other day, even in victory, but people feel that because we had a good run last time around, and we have a good ranking right now, that we will go pretty far. I do think we'll advance second out of our group, but I can't guess any further. All I am fairly sure of is that group play finisher A1 plays H2.


P.S., I'll have my links up in a few days, definitely before St. Louis! I've just been preoccupied.


Anonymous russ said...

I saw X Men 3 this weekend.

5/6/06 14:24  
Blogger Cory said...

Sweet. I've heard about that. Isn't it based on a comic strip of sorts? Sandra Bullock is in a good-looking movie soon. And I think Scarlett Johansson is supposed to be in something. I always like her work.

6/6/06 12:46  

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