02 June 2006

He's gone mad!

I didn't know Yahoo! allowed you to create leagues late in the season for baseball. I already have one, that Rae is also in, but I'm addicted. I love developing my own points systems. I really have no reason why. I just like seeing how numbers affect situations---or the other way around. It's the only reason I ever wanted to be a school teacher. The grading criteria. Anyhow, I have a second one going (of my creation). Come on, y'all. You know you want to! Let's get it up to four teams! "We're" a quarter of the way there!


Speakinawhich, I missed my opportunity to watch the Pads here in The Pittsburgh. *grumble* Oh well. Soon, I'll watch St. Louis beat up on Coloradio. That ought to be good. I just hope the weather cools a bit. It's been stormin' a bit here in The Pittsburgh (Russ, my apologies. You are rubbing off on me).

Really not much else to say. I was all looking forward to seeing Akeelah and the Bee, but it's long gone, despite what I thought. I also missed the bee that was on TV recently. Anybody see that? Anyone really obnoxious? Do tell!

I suppose that is all. I got some speakers (sorry, either this or a page in Russian) for my desktop, but have been lazy, and unsuccessful, at putting them in.

So, seen any good movies?


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