29 September 2006


Listening to: "Come Dancing" by The Kinks.

OK, folks, so y'all know a little bit about my mother. She is inching toward her first book. It's nothing too special. Just another memoir-type book. I like that format, though. I like reading people's life stories. I find it fascinating, and hers should be of interest.

So, anyhow, part of the book is freewriting submissions by yours truly. Half the time, I cannot get too thrilled about writing, to be dead honest with you. This blog is an example. It's an OK blog, but nothing that would win any awards. The subject matter is all over the place, even though I feel like I have a one-track mind with my love of soccer. When a do get to talking about soccer, it tends to be in a dry way that would make you think my roll consists of other soccer-minded bloggers. It does not. Almost every one of you is quite different than me. It's a neat thing, though. Even if all of your interests don't necessarily mesh with mine, you are a dynamic bunch, and in some cases, I have built on emerging interests because of you. So, thank you.

Back to my music stash, I know some folks like to listen to stuff that goes along with their current mood, rather than against that grain. If you're in an angry mood, you listen to angry tunes, perhaps with angry lyrics. Me? I feel like I tend towards rather moody music. My online stash of music has seemed to indicate that, with appearances by Orbital, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division, and many others. And certainly there is a time for that sort of thing. It's dramatic and emotional and beautiful in its own way. But sometimes it just isn't right. Combined with the chill in the air, the late-afternoon light, and my odd mood lately, I figured it was time for a new playlist. I accidentally came upon a new (to me) way of doing it on the trusty old Musicmatch Jukebox: the playlist manager. Just a matter of ticking that particular choice under the playlist tab. This allows me to start anew, rather than just dragging songs onto a currently saved playlist and deleting others, possibly mucking up things by getting sidetracked by something else.

So, anyhow, today, as I write, I'm listening to a list composed, in part, of Kaiser Chiefs, Tegan and Sara, David Bowie ("Fame" is on right now), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Call, and Adam Ant. Seems to be a bit more cheerful than certain other things I had been listening to. Plus, I can sort of ignore it in a way. It's good background music. With some other things I was listening to today, I was hearing the music, but it still felt silent in my room, even at average volume. I'm not sure what causes that phenomenon, but there must be some explanation. It just wasn't registering. It felt odd and frustrating.

Anyhow, sorry to go all physchological on you people. Really, I was just looking for a way to exercise before I really wrote.

CORY'S OBLIGATORY SOCCER TV ALERT: Fox Soccer Channel is airing both quarterfinals tonight of USL Division 1. I forget who's all in it besides the Charleston Battery and Vancouver Whitecaps, but have at the linkage if that sort of thing floats your boat.

Listening to: "The Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.


Anonymous russ said...

I am trying, finally, indeedy, getting things written after a longer 4 month hiatus.

2/10/06 10:49  
Anonymous Bre said...

I think it's pretty fabulous that your mother is writing her memoirs, and that you're participating!

And I think your blog is just fine as it is, it doesn't need to be anything other than yours!

2/10/06 14:57  
Blogger Cory said...

True, bre, and thanks for that. I like the They Might Be Giants Quote "Be What You're Like, Be Like Yourself", from Whistling in the Dark.

Russ, a book? Something else? You'd be fabulous at that! Man, I need to start commenting on your blog again. I read, but havent had much to say.

3/10/06 21:04  
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