03 October 2006


OK, well, I seem to have missed only two blogs Run with Me and Win or Lose, We Go Shopping as far as changing URLs. If I am wrong, hollar. I aim to correct.

Things are going well, both at the volunteer job and in general. However, tonight I am having what appear to be bladder spasms, which happen every so often. Thing is, I can't find any web info on them, and don't know if that's even a recognized medical event. Sorry to gross y'all out, but y'all can delink me if I get too bad. But anyhow, I am probably hitting bed early, especially as I need to get up at 6 to go to my volunteer job tomorrow.

I am actually looking forward to it tomorrow. I was really gloomy the first day because of a fellow artist on deviantART that is ill with various complications of cystic fibrosis. She has been in hospital for two weeks in Cleveland (she lives in Erie), and I have been following her case a bit. Well, probably more than a bit. I get drawn into it more than is likely healthy. She is a talented artist and very much wants to live, but has hit a funding wall. She's 1/10th of the way to being able to pay for a set of lungs. I have really gotten myself a bit upset about this. It's a shame that money should keep a person from living. Add to that the fact that I thought she was more ill than she is. She was taken to a hospital in Cleveland with pneumonia and bladder stones. Two weeks on, she's not great, but she is set to get back to work photoshooting and modeling next week, right from her hospital room, and then be released in one to two weeks.

I'm not going into my work at NHCO because she actually signed on to AOL IM, which I am on as well (along with Yahoo IM). I had to tell her something, so I just initiated a conversation, and surprisingly, we hit it off. We chatted for about an hour and got to know eachother in a rudimentary sort of way and exchanged a few laughs. After a very short while, she seemed all to happy to have someone to talk to. Once we warmed up to eachother, she became very upbeat and we chatted about my life and hers, both in the CF world and outside of it.

I am quite cheered up. I know I really shouldn't have gotten worked up about it in the first place, because she was a complete stranger, but now I feel almost like a friend with the great first-time conversation we had (albeit in the pixellated sense you people are my friends).

So, like I said, I think I'll report more on NHCO tomorrow. Should be more interesting tomorrow.



Anonymous Bre said...

Thanks for the correction! :)

I'm glad things are going well for you, and hopefully you'll be feeling better soon!

5/10/06 10:50  
Blogger Rae said...

You should hit up one of the doctors with blogs and ask them!! There's a ton of the runners who are in the medical profession if you need some names!

Have a great Sunday!

P.S. Is your mom a famous writer? We work in the publishing industry.

8/10/06 13:23  
Anonymous russ said...

bladder spasums meaning you pee when you don't want to pee?

9/10/06 19:10  
Blogger Cory said...

No, just weird pain and tingling in the bladder area. its hard to describe. but no incontinence

9/10/06 22:19  
Anonymous russ said...

tingling is better than "flowing" though ... ... right ???

10/10/06 06:49  
Blogger Cory said...

Alllllways look on the briiiiiight side of life. Duh duh....duhduh, duhduhduh, duhduh.

(OK, after this entry, I can kind of understand why frogmyblog.com gave me no frogs out of 5).

10/10/06 09:45  

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