28 May 2006

Indy 500 (spoilers inside)

So, the 90th edition is over and Sam Hornish has won, with Marco Andretti beating Micheal for 2nd. I don't have anything very philosophical to say, even though I am a big IRL fan. I watched the race. I didn't watch any of the prerace stuff. I've been there (literally, in 1989) and done that. I will say I didn't realize Jim Nabors was still with us. I'm not huge on the song "Back Home Again", but it is a part of the grand tradition of Indy.

Speaking of which, I still think the race has a good measure of mystique, despite the split that happened in the mid-nineties. I don't miss that one year that the schedule straddled New Year's Day. I found that confusing, and too much of a breach of auto racing tradition. I understood the logic: make the 500 the final race, but I don't much care for huge changes. I also don't miss the four race season(s?) that occurred early on after the split. What'll the points system be, 5 points for leading on the 10th, 20th, 30th, and all other laps in that particular sequence?. Yuck.

The race itself was a bit of a yawner for the firt half, with the Englishman Dan Wheldon leading basically the whole way, but Danica's pits were always fun to watch, and two others had disasters involving the spillage of fuel and the breaking of fueling equipment.

A few crashes occurred, but nothing terribly extraordinary. Danica Patrick stayed completely clean, but had bad luck (if there is such a thing) with yellows, and finished eighth.

Now, off to watch the U.S. soccer team beat up on Latvia.


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