04 November 2006

Goodbye, C.

Folks, due to some security concerns of mine, I have decided to move over to the following URL. http://stepaway.wordpress.com. I have mostly been alright with the performance of Blogger. However, in forging a new identity, I have decided to go to a platform that I have heard is exponentially better, and that Bre uses with much success (IMHO). So, I hope y'all will join me. It should be next weekend before I have any new content up, but in the meantime, I hope that I can settle on a paint scheme I like. Bre's is mostly white, as are many others, like Plods. That's just counterintuitive to me, but it works well, tried and true. So, in the coming week, my energy will be focused on playing around with aesthetics, and hopefully finding some way to migrate, although I've never done migration before, so I am clueless. (and ideas? y'all are an intelligent bunch, and you like me still, no? :0 )

So, if you still want to ride my bandwagon, update those blog rosters! Hope to see you soon, and thanks for your friendship.