31 August 2006

hypocrisy is my middle name

Football season is upon us. I hate football. I always have.

GO ME!!!!

27 August 2006

Forget those Emmy awards! Entertain me!

Listening to : "Strip", by Adam Ant

So, ummm, yeah. I'm checking my Mail.com account, and my mother emails me and her brother, stating that she got back to San Diego County from a weekend in Palm Springs without being mauled by unfriendly rural wildlife. Which makes me glad.

I'm not huge on awards shows, but I am bummed that my first knowledge that tonight was the Emmy awards was by that e-mail. I did want to see the Kubicle Kids, Scranton's Finest, the cast from The Office in all their glamor. But quite frankly, my stomach ain't right today. Not sure why. And I'm hotter than a dog on a treadmill trying to outrun a snake (don't let Pippin (corrected link!) see this post). Even though I feel like I've hydrated up the wazoo. And I have a doc's appointment tomorrow for my back, which is all healed, but my mother is pushing it on me. Not even sure when this thing is, though. I need to wake up bright and early and doublecheck with the office so I'm not late.

There's really nothing terribly interesting happening right now. Kinda been vegging, trying to learn about the ComAir crash at Bluegrass Airport (My aunt and uncle work at Boeing in Seattle, so I am a mild aviation nerd).

Listening to: "Fix You Up" by Tegan and Sara.

26 August 2006

Just feel like bloggin'.

Got a bit of a headache. Had some insomnia, and I need to eat. But other than that, things are OK. The USL Division Two championship is on FSC at 7:00pm, so I believe I will watch that.

Well, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I think I just might rip a meme off of Beast's site. Well, actually, I'm going to. It's a done deal. I made the decision to about four minutes and thirty seconds ago.

LIST OF EVERYTHING MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE HATES (well, actually, I fly solo, so it's a list of stuff I hate):

FRUIT: bananas, apricots and raisins
CANDY: I'm a candy junkie, but the only nuts I like in candy are peanuts, and those arent even nuts.
COLOR: most earth tones
TOWN/CITY: Johnstown, PA
TV SHOW: any crime drama
Movie: Ironweed
ASPECT OF MYSPACE: VERY hard to navigate
ANIMAL: Snakes
BIRD: Pidgeons and parrots, although I tend to ignore birds.
SEASON: Summer, especially when hot and muggy
AGE OF KIDS: below middle school. I can't do baby talk.
DRIVING: I don't drive
WATCHING TV OR MOVIES: When the acoustics are bad.
YOU'RE AT THE MALL: Elevators. I fear them.
SLEEPING (OR TRYING TO SLEEP): Insomnia due to a bad mood.
SHOWERING: And the door bell rings
YOU'RE AT THE BEACH: getting sandy. I havent been to the beach since the mid 90's.
YOU'RE AT THE GROCERY STORE: I waste time and wind up being shut out of the line because my pickup is NOW!
WHAT'S THE MOST ANNOYING HABIT(s) IN OTHERS: Being buddy buddy with me and respectful to others.
WHAT FASHION TREND (past or present) HAVE YOU HATED: Guy's wearing pants so their underwear show.
WORST POPULAR SONG (past or present): I saw the Sign.
WORST THING ABOUT WORK: when a supervisor contradicts herself and denies doing so

WHAT IS ANNOYING YOU TODAY: My appetite, and the fact I am doing nothing about it. And the fact I am broke.

UEFA Champions League

Draw for the 2006/07 UEFA (the European zone for soccer) Champions League group stage (top two in each advance to a knockout stage):

Group A
Werder Bremen
Levski Sofia

Group B
Bayern Munich
Sporting Lisbon
Spartak Moscow

Group C
PSV Eindhoven

Group D
Shakhtar Donetsk

Group E
Steaua Bucharest
Dynamo Kiev

Group F
FC Copenhagen

Group G
CSKA Moscow

Group H
AEK Athens

25 August 2006

What do blog entries taste like, anyway?

Blogger ate my entry. It smacked its lips and burped at the end. I had a DAMN good entry which I'm not sure if anybody in the rest of the blogosphere would have cared one bit about, but I was darn proud of it, and that's all I really care about. It was a poorly planned post, yes. I basically saw a Yahoo! press release stating that Toronto FC, an expansion MLS team for next year, has settled on a coach, and I just started writing without any clear point to make. It wound up being a long post that dealt with a dense portion of soccer-related info. But once it was over, I felt like I took my brain on a surprise walk around the block. Journeying like that can be great, or it can be an unmitigated disaster. This time, it was pretty darned neat. But then my submission timed out, and the post was lost for eternity. It's one of those things where I can probably once again touch on each point in a future entry, but the choice of words will inevitably be different, and that is maddening. If only I had Notepadded my entry.

Coulda, woulda, definitely shoulda. Shoulda shoulda shoulda. I am mad.

Ahhh, well. Hey, guess what, y'all? I am getting my blog frogged, yo. You...that girl in those sushi jammies (are they onesies?)...thanks for the idea.

24 August 2006

fantasy madness

Yes, blokes, Yahoo! isn't enough. Gotta go for the English Premier League's fantasy soccer league as well. I suck at this sort of stuff, but I love it, and I guess 10 others suck worse than me (for the time being---it's only week two out of about 35).

Makes me all hungry for some pie and mash!

23 August 2006

Pro soccer has become like summer camp.

The global season is basically upon us. While MLS and it's minor league equivalent, the USL, have their season during the good weather months, FIFA has a suggested calendar of its own that goes from late-summer to the following early summer, if I remember correctly, with a winter break of a few weeks or so. Therefore, most of the big leagues in the world, from Mexico to Holland to England are all just getting underway for the 2006-2007 season.

In Italy, there recently was a match-fixing scandal that caused several teams to be docked standings points (i.e. 3 for a win, one for a draw). One team involved was Juventus, which has years of success in Serie A, and little to no time in any league below it. However, due to their extended role in the scandal, they were one of the three teams relegated to Serie B for next year, along with two that would have been relegated based on points anyhow. On top of that Juventus will also suffer a points penalty.

Now, FIFA is acting as though the whole Italian system of teams, including the national team, needs to be punished. According to this article, FIFA is threatening all Italian clubs with a ban from international tournaments that they would be eligible for based on league performance if that single team, Juventus, uses Italian sports courts to stage an appeal of its relegation, instead of using FIFA's own appeals court.

Frankly, I think any international sporting body should play by the rules of the constituent country, as long as those rules don't modify the actual game (i.e. MLS's constant threats of old to widen the goalposts for more goals). FIFA is not above the law of the citizens. I'm sure the NHL probably runs a tad bit differently in Canada than down here, in the spirit of operating by Canada's rules. It doesn't mean 2 points are awarded for each goal in a game between Toronto and Ottawa. The game is played exactly the same. But each country has rules for a corporation (including sports bodies) for a reason. The reason isn't always apparent, but the point, perhaps, is to make sure it remains that way.

EDITED TO SAY: So, I guess the more I write on this, the more I realize I support Juventus in its right to appeal to an Italian judicial court. I don't get the reasoning behind Article 61.2 (forbidding recourse in ordinary courts of law) of FIFA's rules of arbitration, and feel it needs to be eliminated. And, like I said, it sucks that this extra punishment is being imposed on Italian football, especially involving their national team. It's like punishing the whole cabin because one camper put a whoopie cushion under their dorm chief's pillow.

21 August 2006

Dude, I live in the Eastern Time Zone

UTC minus 5 for all y'all that like that way of doing things. It just ain't fair.

19 August 2006

Real Football!!!

Originally uploaded by Cory A..
Well, I uploaded this to flickr. It is my Yahoo! fantasy football league. You will need to click on the image to see it better. My team is highlighted in gray. I am the manager. Watch out, world!

Mr. Smartypants, screenshooter extraordinaire

Listening to: Variations on a Theme From Pachelbel's Canon in D Major, by David Lanz

I've really not been doing all that much productive, today. Saw the Rapids 1:1 DC United match, followed by the beginning of a touring car race on television, which blanked out as only digital cable will let a show blank out. So I saw about two laps of that. Then I watched Columbus beat the New York Red Bulls. Good games, both. But for part of the second match, I was busy with a bowl of vanilla yogurt. What was I doing with it, you ask? Well, well, WELL!

So, after my yogurt affair, I decided to see if I could teach myself how to make a screenshot, 'cause I think Russ is superkewl in being able to do that. So, for who knows how long, I've been on a wild goose chase for directions to that end. Wikipedia didn't work. Neither did Yahoo! Answers. I forget where I figured this out, but it's freakin' easy! Just hit that "Print Screen" button, launch Paint, paste, and crop 'til you drop!


Soccer Saturday Soapbox

Soooo...big ol' soccer day today in MLS. The Red Bulls and the Rapids play today. I just had myself a Red Bull at the store today. It was nummy. I had to restrain myself from buying two.

But anyhow, the Rapscallions are playing DC United at four, and Da Red Bulls play the Columbus Crew at, I believe, 7:30, in the stadium that I went to a few years ago to watch the U.S. Women. Very nice facility. Much better than RFK, where I've also been for the same purpose. Probably loads better than Giants Stadium and Invesco at Mile High, as well (although Russ has been to the latter on several occasions, for, I believe, professional lacrosse. Not sure if that team is able to pack it in better than the Rapscallions).

MLS, from what I've seen, has become a more entertaining league over the years. They've gotten rid of overtime, which just killed the regulation match, and was very frantically paced, to boot. No fun to watch an overtime completely devoid of strategy. And, frankly, no fun to watch overtime, period. Like I said, it makes the regulation game much less urgent. People complain about too many ties (the Red Bulls and New England each have about 10 this year)? Well, overtime is as good as a regulation tie every time, just about. Glad to see it gone, but for playoffs, where it is all but needed.

It's also gotten more exciting skillwise. Better goalkeepers, for sure. New veteran foreign players. An increased importance on NCAA men's soccer as a developmental pipeline. An excellent top minor league, and several more leagues below it (but then, they were here before MLS).

As much as I hate seeing major, abrupt changes in how MLS works, I wouldn't mind seeing a single table for MLS. USL's Divisions 1 and 2 do it. New Zealand, the best nation in Oceania, does it. It would sure not mean an end to playoffs, which is good, because DC United have 18 points (that's six wins at 3 points a pop---one point for a tie) more than second place New York. The East is getting boring, and were it not for playoffs, we'd know that DCU would be going to the MLS Cup, and we have quite a few matches left.

D.C. United 46
New England 28
Chicago 25
New York 25
Kansas City 25
Columbus 20

FC Dallas 39
Houston 35
Colorado 31
Chivas USA 30
Real Salt Lake 26
Los Angeles 23

Last two in each conference do not make playoffs.

Personally, I'd rather it be thus:

D.C. United 46
FC Dallas 39
Houston 35
Colorado 31
Chivas USA 30
New England 28
Real Salt Lake 26
Chicago 25
New York 25
Kansas City 25
Los Angeles 23
Columbus 20

As far as playoffs, a gold old-fashioned American final-four would be fine, at a predetermined site. I've also wondered about a play-in round. I guess, essentially a wild-card, wherein the top three are in the playoffs, but first, #4 has to play #5, and the winner of that gets to be the fourth play-off seed.

It's 79, with 69 pct humidity. I could sure use another Red Bull.

18 August 2006

Actual Football

I've never been big on football. No, wait. Let me clarify. I've never been big on football culture. But I do like my fantasy leagues. Rae and I and two more folks have been in a baseball one. However, that one turned out a little lame, since my points system somehow made it so that all four of us have been in lockstep for the last four months or so. Oh well. That was my first time managing. I have a new league called Actual Football, on Yahoo!, where I paid a bit more attention to how each stat affected a game, and tried to adjust the points system accordingly.

I bring this all up because Russ has the same thing goin' on with his local pals in The Denver, and he just put up a lovely screenshot of it (I want to know how to do that!).

As for me, I have no clue if you'll be able to follow this. Not sure if you need to be in the league, be a Yahoo! member, etc. But I'll give this a try. The league is here. My team is Sparkwood Bugaboo. There are, apparently, five more slots as of now. Join if you'd like. I'm at 15 teams, and max out at 20. (password afafaf)

Oh, and good luck over there, Mission Control!


Sparkwood Bugaboo

Is it 15 October yet?!

Yeah, I do overreact, I know. I panic. It's annoying. I act like every mistake of mine is the end of the world. It's not. My IP addy hasn't been banned by the offended party (see entry below). I did need some off-time, I think. But maybe not quite that much. I think I just need to know how to pace myself. If I percieve a potentially stressful moment occurring, I just need to try to trim other things out of my life, but not delete them.

As far as my checklist, I'm pretty much there as far as housekeeping, but that is a constant thing that needs regular attention by anybody. As far as getting a computer microphone...well...nahhh. Not yet anyways. I did drop by the Shack (I really miss their old logo, but hey, the 80's are over, no?) to talk to folks about how mics work, and one guy patiently showed me several models. All are somewhat expensive, and quite frankly, I don't have a photographic memory of all the permissions I have my computer set at, so at this time, I'm not sure a mic would work without GeekSquad coming in again.

As far as my back, it's basically where it originally was. Unfortunately, I was given the wrong time for my recall appointment. Either that or I misheard it and was told "Yeah" when I confirmed over the phone. Anyhow, it was 2:40, not 10:30, like I had thought we agreed on. So, I was rescheduled to the 28th, when it should be a non-issue.

As far as my blog, well...I couldn't really settle on any drastic changes, so I just decreased the font size a bit. It was unsightly the way it was, in my humble opinion. I also added a few links and transferred by blog links to the header area. Nothing too painful, and frankly, it was kind of nice to not have any entry obligations, and refocus my energy temporarily to coding. Anything can be stressful if you are trying to accomplish too much simultaneously.

I did have a dream a few nights ago, but I Notepadded it, so I'll need to go over that and post it later.

Anyhow, there's more I want to say, and there's more to my life than a computer screen and an outpatient clinic, but I think I'll just touch upon it in a future entry.

For now, I grabbed a meme off of a blog that I just discovered (another perk of not planning or writing an entry constantly).

Thanks, y'all, for hangin' in. I know I was a wreck the other day. Maybe I've streamlined my life a bit, though. Here's hopin'.

When did you start blogging and why? Or Talk about your blog. What can I learn about you in under 5 minutes?

I'm not sure you can learn much about me in five minutes by my entries, as they are fairly diverse in scope. However, my links are divided between soccer, gymnastics, and other topics, so...well...there you go with that. Why did I start? Well, not sure when, but this is my second blog, a successor to Live From Allison Park. But the why is pretty much that I had begun to appreciate it solely on its artistic and social merit. It gave me a chance to code, but with heavy aid from an editor. Plus, it gave me a chance to connect with people on a safely distant level.

How do you use blogging to build friendship?

Well, just by posting on blogs that I like for their style and the persona they try to display.

Who do you read every day, rain or shine?

Nobody every day. But basically just everybody in my header. And if I come across a blog that I like that is new to me, I try to link to it immediately. Some blogs I've known about for probably three years, like Brittney, with her "feeling fine and looking three" (or some such thing) post, which is so old it's been taken down apparently. Others I discovered within the past week, like Yummy Sushi Pajamas, which talks about a young Annapolis woman's brush with basil gelato.

Why did you choose to share that piece of yourself in a photograph?

Well, I like to photograph things, especially when I travel. And traveling is a big part of me, and it lends a good aesthetic to my photography. I like photographs with a slight bit of mystery to them, and being in a foreign town sets that up well.

How would you describe your writing style?

I ramble, and I tend to use big words when I don't need to. Despite that, there is still the opportunity for me to flesh out my concepts, which I often am too impatient to do (which may be partially because I ramble).

If you could spend time with one person who blogs who would it be?

Zoiks! That's a hard one. I've gotten to establish a rapport with over half of you. I think I'd get along easiest, by a hair, with Rae (and family, but this is one person, so...well Rae is the chattier one), but as far as being in someone elses shoes for a day, maybe Brittney. She's really climbed the status ladder lately, from server to personality on a CBS affiliate in Tennessee. And at times she has alluded to having some kind of rough spots in her past. Blogging sometimes seems like somewhat of a glamorous craft. So does working on TV. It's nice to know we all have imperfections in our lives.

What don't you write about? Anything considered a no-no in your book?

Not that I'm aware of yet. However, things may change. I may think of something that I hadn't before. Not sure what or when that will be, but blogging topics are infinite.

How do you feel about meeting bloggers in real life?

In general, I'm a bit uncomfortable around people. If I'm in a crowd of several, I tend to be OK. I'd love to throw a party for some of the bloggers I've known for a while, but one on one? Maybe not.

Have you written anything controversial? Is blogging controversial?

Blogging is only controversial if you make it. Christian Runner seems to try to avoid it at all cost, which seems to be a function of his faith. He's still a great writer, and somebody I wouldn't mind meeting. As for me, I don't try to avoid controversy unles I have a nagging feeling it will offend a fellow blogger. But by the same token, I don't look for controversy, either. I don't do things for shock value, even if they wind up being shocking in the end.

Are you and your blogging persona the same person?

Well, I don't tell all my secrets, but yes, this is me, and whenever possible, I try to articulate whatever I feel a desire to on here. But geez, I really don't need to go into my roommate's sock drawer. Do I? All joking aside, the more I think about it, the more I realize I don't have many photos of me, and none of anybody else. I don't want my family on here, and I don't want to violate people's privacy, so I don't photograph others.

Have you ever anonymously posted on a site to flame them?


If you had a super power, what would it be?

To know people's names automatically, as if they were all wearing name tags. Sometimes, I feel like people know me but I don't know them, and I feel that some folks kind of prefer it like that.

Sooooooo....since the girl whose blog I got this off of didn't tag anybody in particular, neither will I, but I hope you do do this meme, and post it on your blog, whoever you are.

Oh, and did you hear about Floyd's father committing suicide? That stuff just makes me sad. I've been close to that point as well. Quite a bit. I've trained myself to just step back a bit, though and calm myself. I suppose this entry is evidence of that.

P.S. Phonak's team folded, effective at the end of the season, whenever that is.

Happy belated Independence day, Indonesia! I forgot. It was yesterday. The card is in the mail.

10 August 2006

stepping away from the c for a bit

Listening to: "Whole of the Moon", Waterboys (some strong, apropos lyrics)

I made a comment on a person's blog in the past day or two that wasn't taken as I had intended. I have yet to revisit the person's blog, except extremely briefly, where I saw an angry comment in response. I did not revisit this person's blog for long enough to pore over what I had written. However, I do remember that the spirit of the comment was a good one. I do tend toward a particular sense of humor, and against other standards thereof. Perhaps that puts me in a position where I can't easily put myself in another's shoes. I'm just not sure. I intend to revisit that blog and ponder my comment when I have more time in the next day or two.

In retrospect, in the seven or so months I've had this particular blog, I have become aware of instances on three blogs (all on the list to the right) where I have commented in a way that has not been taken in the way I intended. I eagerly take my share of the blame (whether it's all or partially mine). I think this last issue was the straw that broke...awww, hell, I get my cliches mixed up.

Recently, for reasons unknown, Brent declared (from what I interpreted) that he was finished in the blogosphere. As it turns out, he wasn't, quite, but his post count has diminished. He seems to blog now when something needs to be said, instead of blogging for its own sake and having nothing to say, like what happens to me at times.

I'm not out to offend folks. I've met some talented folks in the blogosphere, whether or not I agree with them all the time (and I do not, which I think is good). I seek to learn from them. But it is hard trying to guess how others think at times. Common sense goes 26 miles, but what about the two tenths beyond that? I like to think I'm at least at that last mile-marker. I like to think I can go past that and approach the actual line.

My life will hopefully calm down a bit after 15 October. I'll hopefully be settled at a volunteer job. My mother will have come and gone. Until then, I will assume burnout. I probably write more than I'm capable of between this, freewrites for my mother's upcoming book, and comments on others' blogs. Some of my comments on others' blogs are longer and more meaningful than some of my own entries, and that ain't right. Therefore, I think I'll stop for a while. I'm going to stop posting in my own blog and maybe slow down my commentary on other blogs. I have lots that is stressing me out. A large amount of housework I have been neglecting, a windmill-chase for a volunteer job, a very slowly recuperating back, a relationship with my mother that is too intense for my life.

My hiatus will let me address those issues, as well as do some long-neglected blog housekeeping, which includes uploading and labeling photos, and possibly changing the colors and template. Most importantly, though, evaluating whether I need to end the blog.

Thanks to all that I have managed to somehow entertain, and very sincere apologies to all those I have offended.



08 August 2006

useless tidbits about my life, just for you

Listening to: "Supernova", Liz Phair

Blogs I've accidentally discovered by starting to type in my blog's URL while my computer, I guess, was still thinking, thus causing certain letters not to appear in address box:


Should I link 'em? Well? Should I?

In other news, I just love seeing Floyd Landis, the bicyclist from Lancaster County, sweat while tryng to convince the world he's innocent. That is one famous person I hope I never have to meet.

On another note, I learned a while ago that I have two old college acquaintances coaching volleyball in the Big East, which has a school right near me. I got to see both of them, when Seton Hall and Syracuse came into town, and got to catch up briefly with both of them. I learned a few months later that the one at Seton Hall would not be coming back. She had a rough two years, performancewise, and according to her, her husband had found a job in Maryland anyhow. I pretty much expect it. She was the head coach, and her team didn't perform.

Today, I comb the Syracuse site, trying to find my other friend's name, and it looks like she is gone as well. For whatever reason, it was a little more unsettling. I had actually kind of hoped to go up there by bus and take in a game. With the Seton Hall coach, I didn't even have time to contemplate something like that before she resigned. With the Syracuse assistant, I did.

I'm not sure why it's so odd. I know that head coaches in these sorts of sports tend not to be fired too easily, but assistants are replaced pretty often. Seems like they always want a young'un alongside them. Ah well. So it goes.

My back is still somewhat sore, but not spasmodic, praise the whatevers. I have a recall appointment on Monday at 10:30am. Still havent taken so much as an Advil. I wonder what they will think. :)

Listening to "Nothing Better", The Postal Service......no wait! "Fix You Up", Tegan and Sara. Sorry.

05 August 2006

Oh, Floyd...*rolleyes*

He fails!

This having been read by you, it remains that doping is always going to occur. Tests will always be slightly imperfect. And, least of all, in my opinion, you can't test everyone. But hey, that's why you have random testing. Presumably you can't prepare for random tests.

03 August 2006


Listening to: "It's My Life", Talk Talk

I was just kind for working with my MySpace networking stuff, and all of a sudden, IE launches 38 browsers, and then somehow stopped. Then, I just right-clicked on "Close Group" and it closed the group just fine. No freezing but for maybe two seconds. I did have Yahoo IM open, and have heard that viruses can be transmitted that way. Seems more credible than getting them on MySpace. I dunno.

Listening to: "The Walls Came Down", The Call

Cory the Contributor

Listening to: "Atmosphere", Joy Division

I contribute, yes I do.

I sure hope my dentist can contribute to the wellbeing of my teeth tomorrow. I have a check-up. I keep forgetting to get one of those flosser brush thingies that is supposed to make dental care so easy. Oh well. These folks don't lecture me about it.

The Devil Wears Prada girl is on Letterman tonight. Hey hey. As long as I can peel myself away from my computer.

Listening to: "Good King Wenceslas", Mannheim Steamroller

02 August 2006

stuck in the future

Listening to: "Send Me On My Way", Rusted Root. Well, OK, now it's "Supernova" by Liz Phair.

Am I a the biggest moron or what? I thought it was Thursday. I was all gettin' excited about The Office being on, but alas it is not to be, at least until tomorrow. 'Tis OK. I'm having fun with all the Wikipedia character sketches about the show, like this one and this one, and this one, and the this one for the whole crowd (I wish they'd fix this URL; it was supposed to go to Kelly Kapour).

And I changed desktop wallpapers, from this to this.

Why do you people even come to my blog anymore? Y'all must have a high threshold for bull. Go get yourselves lives! (but put me on your blogrolls first)


a meme from russ

Listening to: "Atmosphere", Joy Division

Well, not very much news, but I just feel like posting something a little more upbeat than what I did yesterday. I didn't mean to be a downer, and didn't mean to imply...well, you know. I've actually been in fairly good spirits. My back is slowly getting there. If I caved in and took some meds, I'd be there. I think last night my brain was just soaking in some good music off of my Musicmatch playlist, and I got to wanting to post, and...well, I did.

But anyhow, I got a call from a person from here, just touching base with me, making sure I still wanted to volunteer for them. She was the girl that led my orientation down at the hospital in Bellevue. She asked me a few questions about my computer skills, and I was honest that last time I did data entry, I had at my disposal an early '80's DOS-only computer. So, for instance, I couldn't remember my experience with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are neat things, but I have never mastered the computing commands you use with them. Ah well, whatever I do, there'll be some minor training, anyhow. Nice to know they'll almost certainly need me in two weeks or so.

So, with that piece of news out of the way, it's meme time, thanks to Russ!

Answer these questions.

The Tuesday Wacky 5

1.) If you had the choice to have toast with butter or toast with cheese, which would you choose and why?

Well, toast with cheese. It's not sticky, and with Cracker Barrel extra sharp, it is mighty fine. My mother used to make them, but called them cheese sandwiches, not cheese toast. I think the latter is more appropriate.

2.) Would you wear a snow suit in the summer?

No. Frankly, not even in winter, as with the way I walk, I build up tons of upper body heat. I cannot wait for late fall!

3.) What is your favorite, worst song?

Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of by Carly Simon. I heard this in a Jack In The Box one time and became ill. But I will say that there are tons of dishonorable mentions.

4.) What brings you to this blog?

Well, no one else keeps nearly as good a schedule of fake new moons. *waits eagerly for Yugo Moon*

5.) If you could have a snack with one famous person, what would be the snack? And the person?

Sarah Vowell and I would be mackin' on lime or cherry fruit-on-bottom yoghurt topped with grape nuts, my latest food find. If her dietary restrictions from celiac disease prevented that, then she would be replaced by Jenna Fischer.

OMIGOD! IT'S THURSDAY, PEOPLE! THE OFFICE IS ON TONIGHT! If I had time, I'd seriously link to all the local NBC affiliates of all the kind folks who patronize my blog (assuming I know where you live). But hell, it's NBC. Everybody has NBC.

By the way, I'm not tagging anybody because Russ just tagged the entire population of the state of Delaware.

Listening to: "It's My Life", Talk Talk

01 August 2006

morbid point of curiosity (funeral services revisited)

OK, a while back, Russ and I, along with a few others, posted wishes related to our funerals. It made for an interesting subject, one that concurrently breeds in me despair and excitement. Most of us do not unequivocally look forward to our deaths, but a funeral is an excellent way of putting the exclamation point at the end of the sentence of your life. It's a good way of making a lasting impact.

Along this line of thought, I downloaded "Atmosphere", by Joy Division. I looped it for a good half hour, so pretty soon, I'll likely be burnt out on it. Really pretty song, but when looking at the lyrics, I'm not sure I really understood them. I remember last time I posted, I wanted the Waterboys song "Whole of the Moon" as the departing music. To me, it is profoundly upbeat, and the Joy Division song isn't. However, I've never really looked at the "Whole of the Moon" lyrics, either.
I just like the tune. And I like the tune of "Atmosphere", the Joy Division song.

I'm really starting to ramble. I've got good music going (Tegan and Sara's "Fix You Up" right now), I'm YIMming a friend, and I'm trying to put down thoughts that were very vivid and sequential when they popped into my mind, but are no longer so. Grrrr. I hate getting distracted when I have something good to write.

Anyhow, I suppose I can get to the point, now. I tend not to listen to lyrics, myself. I tend to just zone into the tune. That's what I did with the Waterboys song, and that's what I did with the Joy Division song. Both, to me, are good for a heavenly sendoff, despite being drastically different tunes. The lyrics? I don't know. I can't make sense of either song. Although I do hear others say how depressing Joy Division is.

So, when choosing your funeral music, were you looking at lyrics or melodies? Divulge.

my music, my store

Well, I went to WalMart today, just to get out and enjoy some good AC. I came away with new underwear, socks, and a couple of cool ties, one burgundyish and one a dark silver. Sorry to all the detractors. I used to be one myself, when I lived up in Vermont. I LOVE WALMART! I am not too cool to shop somewere with a white trash reputation! I cross stereotype lines, people!

Now, on to my Musicmatch Jukebox. I must list the bands on mine. Russ talked about his selection. May as well divulge mine (band: song):

Adam Ant: Strip

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Over and Over Again, The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth

Coldplay: Clocks, The Scientist

Dave Grusin: The Mountain Dance

Erasure: Take A Chance On Me

Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart

Kaiser Chiefs: I Predict A Riot

Liz Phair: Supernova

Madness: Wings Of A Dove

Mannheim Steamroller: Deck The Halls, Good King Wenceslas

Michael Manring: Welcoming

Roxette: Joyride

Roxy Music: More Than This

Rusted Root: Send Me On My Way

Simple Minds: Alive And Kicking, Don't You Forget About Me

Talk Talk: It's My Life

Tegan and Sara: Downtown, Fix You Up, Frozen, I bet It Stung, I won't Be Left, Monday Monday Monday, Take Me Anywhere, Walking With A Ghost

The Call: The Walls Came Down

The Cure: Close To Me

The Jesus And Mary Chain: Just Like Honey

The Kinks: Come Dancing

The Postal Service: Be Still My Heart, Brand New Colony, Nothing Better, Sleeping In, Such Great Heights, The District Sleeps Alone, There's Never Enough Time, This Place is a Prison, We Will Become Silhouettes

The Waterboys: Whole Of The Moon

The Yellowjackets: The Dream

World Party: Ship Of Fools

I have a nagging feeling there is more, but this seems to be it. Whew!