30 April 2006

I'm about to perform some emergency surgery.

This blog may never be the same, and if it ever is, it may need days to recover. You see, something got screwed up in my code, causing the mess you see toward the bottom of this page. I can't for the life of me figure out the problem, though, sooo...

It's surgery time, Mr. Blog. Doctor's Orders!

I know, I know...

As you see, I've been adding lots of links on the web that I frequent. Somehow, amidst this, I I messed up my code. I shall fix this tomorrow, after I get back from the movie Stick It. Sorry, folks. I know people read this because my tracker thingy at the bottom says so, so thanks for that.

29 April 2006

list of questions (and answers)

So much for my last post. Here's some questions that apparently this guy posted first, but I got it off of this blog.

So, here we go:

1. How tall are you barefoot? 5ft10ish

2. Have you ever smoked heroin? No.

3. Do you own a gun? No, but I support that part of Amendment 2.

4 was deleted somehow.

5. Do you get nervous before meeting the parents? I get nervous before meeting anybody, parents or otherwise. Sometimes even if I know them.

6. What do you think of hot dogs? I generally don't trust them. I have heard that they are basically unregulated, so the meat content can be very low, and the filler could be any one of an infinite number of things.

7. What's your favorite Christmas song? "Good King Wenceslas", by Mannheim Steamroller.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Water.

9. Do you do push-ups? No.

11. Are you vegan? No, but I'm not against their cause, either.

12. Do you like painkillers? No. I figure they can do things to the body that are worse than the pain itself. In fact, in my last 3 or 4 surgeries, I was given a morphine pump to use. I was groggy and constipated the whole time, and really not that much more devouid of pain.

13. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? These questions are not mine, I swear. I have no weapons, except those secret to even me. I do have lots of female friends, especially with having met the college gymnastics team I follow. However, I'm 30 and getting older, whereas college athletes retire at 22, barring redshirts. Furthermore, marriage is really unappealing to me, as nowadays you can more or less plan for there being time for at least two marriages (and therefore a divorce). Also, I really can't deal with kids less than, say, 10 years of age.

14. Not that I'm aware of. I have had Swiss Army knives in the past, but always thought they were kind of stupid, anyhow.

15. Do you have A.D.D.? No, but I do have dysnomia.

16. Middle Name? Yes, do you?

17. Top 3 thoughts at this exact moment: 1. My father intends to call tonight. 2. I have lots of leftovers. 3. I can't type worth a Yugo.

18. Name the last 3 things you have bought: college t-shirts, a water bottle, shampoo.

19. Name five drinks you regularly drink? There aren't five. Normally water or water with lemon. I do like Red Bull, though.

20. What time did you wake up today? I failed to notice.

21. Current hair? Brownish red. Very, very short, with a very light beard and mustache.

22. Current worry? Getting stranded in Delaware on a soccer trip I am planning for next year.

23. Current hate? People talking down to me, calling me "boss" when "sir" would fit better.

24. Favorite places to be? State College, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Brattleboro, VT, Sacramento.

25. Least favorite place to be? At a beach, probably.

26. Where would you like to go? Linkoping, Sweden. A favorite soccer player is out there, and I just dig Sweden and its language and scenery. Be fun to actually go there.

27. Do you own slippers? No.

28. Where do you think you'll be in 10 yrs? Here in PA. Probably retired due to disability (I am laid off now).

29. Do you burn or tan? Burn.

30. Last thing you ate? Corn Flakes with soy milk, and an orange.

31. Would you be a pirate? No.

33. What songs do you sing in the shower? None.

34. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child? Snakes, aliens.

35. What's in your pockets right now? A disposable camera.

36. Last thing that made you laugh? something on MythBusters. Can't remember what, though. Maybe just one of their mannerisms.

37. Best bed sheets you had as a child? Just had plain ones, nothing fancy.

38. Worst injury you've ever had? Pulled an ACL walking, putting away clean clothes, and eventually falling against the side of my bed wrong, causing the ACL pull.

40. How many TVs do you have in your house? Two, one for my roommate, one for the comon room.

41. Who is your loudest friend? They're all loud.

42. Who is your most silent friend? Me.

43. Does someone have a crush on you? Nobody I'd consider, and probably noone else either.

44. Do you wish on the stars? No.

45. What is your favorite book? Really, anything by Sarah Vowell.

46. What is your favorite candy? Not even sure. There are so many. I do likes me some Cadbury Creme Eggs around easter, though. Also, what were those Lifesavers from the early nineties that basically paired fruit with heat? Those were the bomb!

47. What song do/did you want played at your wedding? No wedding.

48. What song do you want played at your funeral? "The Whole of the Moon", by the Waterboys. And maybe that song by Joy Division with that lyric "don't walk away in silence".

49. What were you doing 12 a.m. last night? Wondering why my roommate's girlfriend was being so loud even two doors down.

50. Do you love the pain a tattoo brings? No tattoos, but I'd be too fidgety to get one anyhow.

51. What did you do today? Had breakfast and pored over the paper. Did some stuff to my blog as well.

28 April 2006

Your question answered...

Well, seems that no one really took me up on the Q and A offer except for Plods. No worries, though. One is always better than none, especially with the lovely Plods. So, why my fascination with Sweden? I'm not entirely sure, to be dead honest. I watched the movie Show Me Love, about a lesbian girl from Stockholm who moves to a small Swedish town with her family, and struggles to find love with a rather conservative, popular, blonde girl who goes through all sorts of denial that she, too, might be lesbian. I got drawn into the language, which I thought was very pretty to listen to. Also, the scenery in the movie, while over 150 kilometers off location (Trollhattan instead of Amal), was still quite lovely compared to anything here in the U.S. The web-savvy person that I am, over the next years, I took opportunities to find out other things I might have been curious about with regard to the country. I follow soccer (association football), and started perusing the national federation website on info about it's national teams and domestic league, and found myself very intrigued. In reading about some of the teams, I took the opportunity to link off of each team site and learn about the various communities via their municipal websites.

So, I guess, in short, it was that one movie that got me interested in the country initially, and now I look out for certain things Swedish. I follow the women's national team (have yet to be able to attend a match, but some day surely) and a couple of clubs via the web. I also like bands such as Shout Out Louds. If I were to drive, it would be a Saab. And darned if IKEA doesn't have some lovely stuff to buy there (unfortunately my roommate's mother did the furnishings, and she hates IKEA. Too trendy, I guess).

How do you like them herrings?

27 April 2006

They listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd in Turkey?!

26 April 2006

Why? Why, why, why?

OK, first, why, pray tell, do I have all sorts of links to runners' blogs, but not those of any soccer players or gymnasts? The latter are actually the only two sports I follow. Get a move on, Cory! Google is your friend.

Second, why am I reliable with my blog entries, but when it comes to issues that I need several entries to address, I procrastinate? I still haven't gotten to the meat of my Ann Arbor trip, and I think I will lose the remainder of my readership (Russ, and maybe Rae, too :o ) if I don't bear down. I also need to finish that entry I kind of hijacked off of Conservative Atheist.

Thirdly...awww hell. I just lost my train of thought. I need to make sure I get me a case of Red Bull tomorrow (as if that necessarily does anything but make my taste buds happy).

I'm groggy as all hell. And only over the last two hours. A cat nap here, a cat nap there, here a nap, there a nap, everywhere a cat nap.

24 April 2006

the wiki incident

So, Laura wants us to go to Wikipedia, type in our birth date (but not year), list three events that happened on our birthday, list two important births and one interesting death. We are then to post this in your journal. A guessing game of sorts.

So, here we go:

1719 - The Boston Gazette is published for the first time.
1903 - The city of Fairfield, California is incorporated.
1917 - In Nebraska, Father Edward J. Flanagan founds Boys Town as a farm village for wayward boys.

b. 1805 - William Lloyd Garrison, American abolitionist (d. 1879)
b. 1924 - Ed Koch, past Mayor of New York City

d. 1968 - Tallulah Bankhead, American actress (b. 1902)

Have at it, yo!

23 April 2006

My own personal cuteness overload.

I went to see that soccer movie with Amanda Bynes (by the way, I don't even know if this is her official website. It looks a little teenly. But maybe that's the point. She's cuuuute. Cute as in bunny rabbits and footed PJ's and Hello Kitty and...well, I dunno). It was kind of brain candyish. Nothing too philosophical about it. Well, maybe I'm wrong about that. Here in PA, we have a weird definition of gender equity in regards to high school sports. I'm not sure the text of the rule, but there has been a lot of debate because not only are girls trying out for football (which has always happened), but guys are playing on girls' field hockey and other teams. Am I old fashioned? I don't think there ought to be any gender crossover. The same sport has a different culture when boys play it versus when girls play it. There's something beautiful about that to me. In soccer, for instance, it was evident in the WUSA, as compared to big brother MLS. Frankly, I don't know why a girl would want to play on a guy's team (except in football, where there often is no girl's team), nor do I understand why girls would be so accepting of a guy playing field hockey with them. This is one of those instances where "separate but equal" should rule the day.

Rant over. Now I want to ask you all, how the heck does a site like this garner so many comments? I'm jealous, yo! I need to buy a kitten or bunny or dress up as Hello Kitty. I'm just lacking a certain je ne sais quoi.

I think I'll order a pizza. I just hope they sell Red Bull, because I'm still jonesin' for that.

22 April 2006

Mind your Q's, and I'll mind my A's.

I hate to copy ideas for posts, but...well...imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, right, Anne? So, ummmm, if anybody ever reads this thing, is there any sort of question you have for me (I can't imagine so, but you never know :p )? I might respond to it in a future entry.


Was anybody else watching the IRL race just now from Twin Ring Motegi? What the hell happened? I admit, I was daydreaming a bit, but it seemed as if they joined the race in progress, around lap 20 or so. ESPN2 of all cable channels ought to do better. Oh well. Blee blah.

Helio Castroneves won his second in a row, beating Dan Wheldon. Dario Franchitti, Ashley Judd's lovin' machine, accidentally ran into a crew member of his during a pit stop.


21 April 2006

clipped wings

Very sorry about the bad word wrapping job in the post below. That'll hopefully teach me not to save my posts on Notepad, especially since you can save right on Blogger. Oh well. I'll deal with it tomorrow. I'm really tired. I just had Red Bull for the first time. I bought it at some newsstand at the Monroeville Mall tonight. Pretty delightful stuff, even though the first few sips have kind of a bite to them. I sure didn't get much of an energy jolt, though. In fact, I'm crashin'. No Red Bull wings here, baby!

Go New York Red Bulls. Take DC United for a ride tomorrow!

NCAA Northeast Regionals, part 1

Here's a better writeup, I hope, on my trip to Ann Arbor. On that
Thursday night, I bought a ticket to Ann Arbor, which had me transfer
in Cleveland, stop in Toledo, and the transfer again in Detroit. My bus
was scheduled to leave at 12:15 am, but was delayed due to a staff
shortage in Chicago, which held up all the other buses. My schedule was
a rather busy one, with, I believe, three buses assigned to it. I was
on the second bus. The first was strictly continuation passengers from
Chicago and other points west of Pittsburgh.
I got on board alright. There's always a step placed under the
coach's stairway, so good on Greyhound for that. And good on them for
not challenging me (as they sometimes do) about sitting in the back of
the bus, rather than the ADA-mandated seats up front. Thing is, the lavatory is in the rear, and I don't want to be stuck on Route 7 somewhere near Hubbard, OH, needing to drain the ol' liver. No, indeed. So, I was able to find a seat with relative ease.So, on to Cleveland, which was, as rides go, pretty harmless. As well, there's always a great view of downtown, including The Jake. I'm not hardcore into baseball, but I am fascinated by the buildings
used for the sport.
Once I got into Cleveland, I used the facilities,
and then just waited to board for Toledo. Nothing terribly exciting
about this part of the trip, and when I got back onboard, I slept
rather deeply until we got to Toledo. At that point, I woke up briefly,
but then slept until we got to Detroit, got up, switched buses, and was
on my way to Ann Arbor. I also slept through part of this leg of it,
being woken up by the PA when we got into Wayne, a pretty nondescript
suburb of Detroit with a beat up, curbside Greyhound stand. We were in
and out of there pretty quickly and painlessly.
From Wayne to Ann Arbor was mostly interstate, but was slow as
molasses, owing to a massive multi-car accident in Ypsilanti.
The freeway wasn't totally blocked, but we slogged on at about five
miles per hour for about half an hour past all the fire trucks and HVA ambulances.
Do I still have your attention? Good. So, I get into Ann Arbor,
maybe around 9:30am. Maybe? Ann Arbor's main "gate" is curbside,
although there appear to be two more doors on the inside, just like a
big-city station. So, I exit, and with about five and a half hours to
kill, I head inside and start asking the attendant questions pertinent
to my trip. Where's the local bus depot? What's the taxi situation
like? Where are we in relation to downtown? Blah blah blah. The kindly
man points me to the Convention and Visitors Bureau right next door, where another lovely person fields more questions from me, and sends me off with a few packets.
Killing a few hours, I just walked around downtown a bit, which
was fascinating. Typical college town, I thought. Pretty big, though.
But hey, this is outer suburban Detroit, basically, so what would I
expect, right? After a while, I decided to head for my hotel, and for
that, I grabbed one of Ann Arbor Transportation Authority's buses, which they call "The Ride". At this point, everything had gone very well, but, as I always do in a foreign (to me) city, I got a little tense when I explained where I had to go. I think the driver might have been a little
concerned about my disability, and being able to walk a long distance, but he made sure to drop me off at the correct place, which was Wolverine Tower . Not sure what this even is, maybe a dorm, but it's a tall, dark, ordinary
and isolated skyscraper off of Eisenhower Parkway with "777" written in
white at the very top, hence its nickname as "triple seven".
So, I get off, and look around for a bit, and locate all the
hotels, which are pretty much on one block, so I walk toward them, and
find the Courtyard by Marriott. I go in and ask when checkin is, and I
am told 3:00, so I have several hours. I sit down in the lobby and just
veg for a while, checking my backpack to make sure I havent lost
anything. Determining that I'm OK, I just sit for a while, and
eventually doze off, which oddly no one notices or at least cares
After a while, I head on out, and settle on Damon's for lunch. I go toward the door, hold it open for a couple of guys exiting, and one of them almost knocked me over
trying to reverse it so he was holding the door for me. Seeing as I got
there first, I continued holding the door, and they continued trying to
coax me in, while I continued trying to coax them out. Odd how some
able-bodies really hate being helped in any manner by a disabled
person. I suppose there are guys in general that hate being in the same
position with a woman.
Anyhow, I got in, and the gracious waitstaff sat me down
quickly, and I started off with a water with lemon, my favorite drink.
I eventually proceeded to order a Big South Burger. Very good, but
rather heavy, and I had ordered swiss cheese istead of American, but
did not get it. Very small blemish in an otherwise wonderful foodie
experience. I asked my waiter to deduct the cheese upgrade, which was
fifty cents, and he kindly did so, twice over. I finished with a slice
of chocolate cake, and then went back to my hotel to wait out the rest
of the time (45 minutes, I think). I got in, and quickly dumped my
I went back out and had the front desk call for a cab to take
me to Crisler Arena to watch the practice, which, unusually, was open to the public. I went in, sat on the floor level for a while, and four
of the girls on the Pitt team walked on over and said hello and we all
flapped gums for a bit. Other than that, it was a fairly unorganized
session of practice, done in twenty-minute rotations, throughout all
four apparatus. No full routines, really. Girls more or less just
mounted, did maybe one or two skills within a routine, and dismounted.
Kind of chaotic, but still loads of fun to watch, because I was up
close. After about ten minutes, I was politely reseated behind a cord,
up the stairs a bit, to watch the rest of it. No one had told me my
original seat was not OK. That was alright. The new seat was, in some
ways, better. I was further away, but could see all four of the
apparatus better. Crisler is a large facility, which is meant for men's
basketball. It is very well lit, almost too well lit, but it was neat
being in a big venue like that.
This report is becoming wordier than I thought, so I'll just
leave it here for tonight. Sayonara.

19 April 2006


Okeydoke, folks. I'm at a loss for interesting things to post about today, since I've been posting my hiney off on other blogs and bulletin boards, and such. So, luckily Russ has saved the day for me.

1.) I have spina bifida.

2.) I am huge on soccer. I watch MLS and Division One one TV. My favorite teams are the New York Red Bulls (MLS---formerly MetroStars), and the Seattle Sounders.

3.) I was raised Unitarian Universalist, but have slowly pulled away from that religion. My faith is atheist now. Yes, atheism darn well is a faith. I don't know that there's no God, just like you don't know there is a God. However, I'd strongly prefer that that were the case. I just find a comfort in the laws of physics, and see it as a framework for society, ultimately.

4.) I don't really like to take photos of myself, nor volunteer for others' photos of me. I do, however, like to take photos, especially when on trips out of town.

5.) I used to be pretty heavily into disabled sports, particularly wheelchair track and field, and road racing. I resent "Special Olympics" being bandied about like it's a term for disabled sports. It is a governing body for mentally disabled sports and activities. I fully respect and agree with their mission, but it is inconsistent with my needs, and the needs of many such people, as a physically disabled man with full mental faculties. (I do have a learning disability called dysnomia, but LD's are not the same as mental retardation. Unfortunately, I don't know enough to articulate the difference.)

6.) I want to go to Sweden. Particularly Linkoping. I like women's soccer as well as men's, and Sweden has a very strong women's league. One of the players, for Linkoping FC has her own website, which I discovered a few years ago. In it she discusses her soccer life, her social life, and vitiligo, a skin condition that a former Talk Soup host also is rumored to have. It's just neat to see elite athletes be good community members, as well. So much for the millionaires in American pro sports.

Oh yeah...Rae?

TAG, BLOGSISTAH! You are it.

17 April 2006

Rotflmao at Jahnt Iggle.

Well, I went shopping, today, at my local Giant Eagle. All in all a fairly pleasant experience. I first dined on lunch in the cafe area. I bought myself a tuna wrap, a bag of Doritos, a Granny Smith apple, a large navel orange, a vanilla yoghurt (how do you even spell this word, anyhow? Informal poll), and a couple of Reese's peanut butter eggs. I washed it all down with a generic cherry seltzer (1 litre). I then hovered over a USA Today and a City Paper. After that, I went through the paces of buying food for the week. Corn flakes, more vanilla yogurt (probably will toss out the blueberry stuff I bought last time) little corn nut thingies (like I posted on a while back---man, I'm stretchin'), some air sanitizer (not sure what kind, but it was wicked cheap). A couple of bags of salad, some 12 grain bread, a container of butter substitute (I'll get back to you on this), and my main courses, all brought to you by Michelina's. I had me some shrimp fried rice, hamburger macaroni, and a couple of other things I forget. I'll have to come back to that (because I know you're dying to know!).

All in all, a pretty good trip. I will say that I wasn't expecting in my heart of hearts to find any Cadbury Creme Eggs, and I had already come to terms with that fact. I did, however, find the caramel ones. However, I do not like caramel anything, usually. As well, these'uns were badly warped, as if melted, but they were still being sold. I should have thought to snap a pic, because these were unsightly lil' mo fros. Even marked down to, like, 29 cents per---it's just plain nasty. No wonder they get so many complaints.

Oh yeah, SURPRIIIIIIIISE! My Michigan pics are up, if you haven't figured that out by my mug at the top of this post. Report to come tonight or tomorrow. I'm kind of tired right now, though.

16 April 2006

The end of the season...

for Cadbury Creme Eggs.


Happy Easter, folks.

14 April 2006

mad insomnia

Well, folks. I'm up at 4:19 a.m. for no good reason, and I've been up for two hours. Odd, because I have the comfiest darned bed ever. I am dehydrated, which may be a problem. I have been toting a 20 ounce (former) bottle of Vault (at least I think that's the name of it) that I got in NYC. I'm not hungry, but I am looking forward to those leftover onion rings and fries. I havent been depressed. Even with my problems in Miuchigan, I have always seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and that alone has made me happy. So, I'm really not sure what my problem is.

I will say that I do appreciate all the commentary and general chattiness I've gotten on this blog. I know I'm not oozing with charisma and energy, and I also know you still have no clue what I look like. I swear the latter will change soon. Meanwhile, I've uploaded all the pics I have that are worth uploading. A couple didn't turn out in small form, but if you click them, it'll all work out.

Once again, folks, thanks for welcoming me into your community of bloggers. You all are a neat breed.

Whoa! Pics!

Well, I'm bein' a bit slow on developing my pics from Michigan, but by golly, I've accidentally found a CD with some old pics I took at the Three Rivers Regatta and in Rochester, NY, last year. I'll only put up a couple right now, until I get my Webshots account all figured out, but here yinz go for the time being! The one with the grassy area is Point State Park in Pittsburgh, and the other one is right outside Frontier Field, Rochester's baseball field. Pioneer can be reconfigured for their soccer team as well, and that is why I was there, to root on my mighty mighty Seattle Sounders.

11 April 2006


Funny how we can misread things if we just glance at them. For a second, I had thought one of the singers of Hanson had died.

Hanson boy dies from crash injuries

I'm alive.

Really tired, and bleeding money, but alive. I went to Ann Arbor for the weekend for the NCAA Women's Gymnastics northeast regional, which was contested by teams from Rutgers, Auburn, Pitt, Michigan, Utah, and New Hampshire. All are fairly good teams. Utah and Michigan are excellent teams. We really should have had only one star team to compete with, but had two, so I suppose I didn't expect much, but it was good to see them anyhow.

I am going to save the suspenseful details for later, though. I am hecka tired.

P.S. The update will tuch upon the previous theme of "potential disaster scenarios". Stay tuned, my dahlings.


06 April 2006

on tangents

Does anybody think I should have made the entry below this one into two entries? Funny how the title asks jokingly who Ann Arbor was, and then immediately launches into probably rather annoying stuff on my former job, with about two sentences devoted to the regionals in, well, Ann Arbor?

Well, anyhow, I feel like a one-man shuttle crew (ya like that parallel, Russ?). It's about T minus 1 hour 54 minutes until the journey starts, and I am racking my brain trying to come up with potential disaster scenarios, and ways to thwart them.

I'm a freaking pessimist.

05 April 2006

Who was Ann Arbor anyhow?

Not too much news to report. The other day, I went to a job fair at Station Square. Pretty typical affair, but I had trouble getting into the spirit. I just plain don't like work, and I think my final supervisor at Giant Eagle killed it for me. She was an extremely heavy set black woman of fifty-something years age. She was just basically one to always complain, but never give clear direction as to what you were doing wrong. For instance, as a dishwasher, I needed to make sure the sink temperatures were all correct. She'd gripe at me about one sinkbeing too warm, but then I correct it, and she complains about me having changed the temperature at all. She did complement me once on a good day's work, but she didn't give me any clue as to what I did right; she just repeated "Good job today." I left work that day being rather upset, because by that time, I had learned to not trust her. Eventually, I was laid off, and within a week of that, she was "fired" (but that left her entitled to plead her case, and be merely transferred, so I don't know what happened to her).

Tomorrow, I am Greyhounding to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to support Pitt at the NCAA women's gymnastics Northeast Regional at the University of Michigan. I shall return Monday, maybe with photos of the area.

02 April 2006

Call me Commish!

Not that I have any freaking clue what I'm doing, and not that I follow baseball all that well, but that's not stopping me from inviting all of you (I know you're out there---there's even a dog, I'm sure of it!) to my fantasy baseball league. It's called CBLA, and I forget what that was meant to stand for, but it is a fantasy baseball league, so...THERE! I just reset the permissions so it is public, and if it isn't working, then that might mean that the need for a password was never changed. In this case, coryma is the password, and the league number is 328070. At the time of my last check, there are 15 more spots available, so hurry up and make your team, yo!

BTW, this is my first time in a fantasy baseball league, much less running the darn thing, so...ummmmm...how 'bout them apples.

01 April 2006

Crazy Cory's at it again.

Well, I kind of blew it there. What an April Fool of a soccer fan I am. It was actually FC Dallas at Chicago Fire, with FCD beating Fire 3-2. I kind of fell asleep for about ten minutes, but overall it was a rather entertaining match. Just would have been nice to have it end in a draw to make it easier for the Red Bulls. I think they take the pitch tomorrow (but I could be wrong about that, too). Tonight is L.A. Galaxy taking on New England Revolution. It'll be an interesting battle. However, folks seem to be more benevolent about Chivas USA's chances at success, so I'll be anxious to watch the first California Derby of the year. See if it winds up being like some of the Manchester derbies in England, wheere City is more of a match than they maybe should be.

Half hour to kickoff.

Not much to blog about. I Chicago Fire at KC Wizards starts the MLS season in about a half-hour on ABC. I don't much care for either team, but I guess I'll root for a draw for everybody in the League this week, except for the Red Bulls. I forget who they play this week, but if they win, and all the other fixtures end in draws, they are on top of the standings.

In other news, a little advice. Never blog on an empty stomach. It makes your entries stupid.