01 June 2006

false alarm

Funny, I initially posted this before I was nearly done with it. Gotta love brainmelt.

Speakinawhich, it is still painfully hot, but that's OK. I slept quite decently last night, but for some reason, I was compelled to get up before my body was truly ready. I never understand that! Do you? Ahh well.

I am going to St. Louis soon, to visit my uncle, who works here in some management capacity. That'll be nice. It seems like less and less often that I ever go to St. Louis. My uncle follows baseball, and I like it too, for the architecture and atmosphere, but it's also the simplest of America's big sports, in my opinion. He and my aunt and myself are heading out to see the Cards and the Rockies. Should be an interesting time. I never really hang out in the city itself. My folks all live in the county.

Last night, I watched VH1 Classic's The Alternative, and heard "Whole of the Moon", well, half of it anyhow. But I was buzzing for the rest of the night. Funny how Max Edie isn't even credited on the Waterboys site. I think she does a lovely job on backup. She's really flying under the radar these days, though.

Ahh well. Oh yes, sorry for the chronological mess that my thoughts are in. Darn heat! I went to MyGarb and ordered myself a UMSL baseball t-shirt.

It's all about pretending to be a local. Woo!!!


Anonymous russ said...

i want to move to antarctica

1/6/06 11:55  
Blogger Cory said...

So do I. But you're a freakin' lucky duck! 61 according to the The Denver channel!


Oh, guess it's not that bad here, either. 77 according to the misplaced "K"DKA.

1/6/06 12:19  

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